Han-Jong Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Design
Korea Polytechnic University
hanjongkim (at) kpu.ac.kr
I am an assistant professor at Korea Polytechnic University, Republic of Korea. I received BSc, MSc, and PhD in industrial design from KAIST.

My research interest is developing new design prototyping tools to support prospective designers. The approach of development lies in integrating scientific knowledge and practical design skills to achieve usable systems. The main objective of my research is to build well-finished prototyping systems to deploy to the public, and derive robust observations and implications from actual usage in the wild. To conduct my previous studies, I was trained as designer-researcher having convergent thinking and skills for visual design, interaction design, system development, and evaluative study.

I have developed several prototyping tools for design scenario (MiniStudio, SketchStudio) and mechanism design (M.Sketch) for my PhD period. Now I am extending my viewpoint to find valuable prototyping system in design practice and education.


Experience Prototyping with 2.5-Dimensional Animated Design Scenarios


Recent subject matters of design have become complex systems involving various elements and multiple users’ interactions in large-scale spaces. In addition, visualizing these complex design subjects without preparing heavy resources in the early design phases is challenging. In this paper, we present SketchStudio, a prototyping tool for generating, sharing, and reviewing an animated design scenario involving complex design subjects. The tool allows designers to define the user experience by simply creating a node graph of the user’s journey over time and space. SketchStudio instantly generates unique 2.5D animated design scenarios by blending 2D sketches and 3D characters. In addition, the tool supports the virtual reality mode for immersive views of the created scenario prototype. We also report on the result of a user study with nine potential users in the design practice and education fields. Based on our tool-developing experiences as well as on the study results, we discuss possible applicable areas and points for further improvement.

Paper, Demo

DIS 2018, June 9-13, 2018, Hong Kong


Experience prototyping; scenario-based design; design tool; design concept; service design; user journey map