Han-Jong Kim

Ph.D Candidate, ID KAIST
Co.design:Inter.action Design Research Lab.
Designer + Developer
jong2jong2 at kaist.ac.kr
I am design researcher interested in development of design prototyping tools with general understanding of both design and human-computer interaction. My Ph.D research applied research-through-design and research product approach with building and evaluating new prototyping tools, and specific support area is future smart environment design.


Prototyping Tool for Linkage-Based Mechanism Design


We present M.Sketch, a prototyping tool to support non-experts in designing and building a linkage-based mechanism. It enables users to rapidly create the mechanism by blending bottom-up (drawing linkages) and top-down (optimizing movement path) approaches. The resulting movement can be reviewed on the fly in a 3D space. Functions for digital fabrication with laser cutting and modular kits allow users to easily and effectively transform the designed mechanism into a physical model. M.Sketch can be used for technical non-experts to prototype initial models of smart product, robots, toys, and kinetic sculptures.


SPTLD, Sep 17-18, 2018, Xi'an, China | KSDS 2016, May 21, 2016, Seoul, Korea


UIST 2016, Oct 16-19, 2016, Tokyo, Japan


Mechanism design; linkage-based mechanism; prototyping tool; computational design; digital fabrication