Han-Jong Kim

Ph.D Candidate, ID KAIST
Co.design:Inter.action Design Research Lab.
Designer + Developer
jong2jong2 at kaist.ac.kr
I am design researcher interested in development of design prototyping tools with general understanding of both design and human-computer interaction. My Ph.D research applied research-through-design and research product approach with building and evaluating new prototyping tools, and specific support area is future smart environment design.


Recently, with the flow of protection of the environment, the ratio of using bicycle is increasing. Many developed countries have made an effort to make citizens use bicycles instead of car through many policies and facilities for them. The bicycle helmet is necessity for bicycle riding. However, people don’t want to wear it although they know they have to wear it. The reason of avoidance of wearing helmet is that it is inconvenient for carrying. We devised the new concept design of bicycle helmet which has the function of bicycle lock which riders have to carry. In this Undergraduate Research Program, we performed the research process which contains brainstorming, survey, design process, development, 3D modeling and rendering for the design of helmet named ‘LOCK-ON’. We expect that the helmet can provide convenience, safety, and security at the same time.



Red dot design award: design concept 2010


Shape design, 3D modeling and rendering