Han-Jong Kim

Ph.D Candidate, ID KAIST
Co.design:Inter.action Design Research Lab.
Designer + Developer
jong2jong2 at kaist.ac.kr
I am design researcher interested in development of design prototyping tools with general understanding of both design and human-computer interaction. My Ph.D research applied research-through-design and research product approach with building and evaluating new prototyping tools, and specific support area is future smart environment design.


Interactive mop showing cleaning status and providing a treasure-hunt game for more effective and enjoyable experience.


1st People's Choice Award, Student Innovation Contest, UIST 2014, October 5–8, 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Seijin Cha and Hanjong Kim from the Department of Industrial Design, with joint efforts with a student from the Department of Computer Science, won prizes from Student Innovation Contest, an event at the UIST 2014 conference. UIST is the top conference in the HCI fields. Teams from many top universities competed in the contest under the theme of innovative household interfaces using a kit to construct Internet of Things. Team ‘Daydream’ created an interactive mop that provides more effective and enjoyable experience and won the 1st place in People’s choice.